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Friday, May 10, 2013

Flume - Holdin' On

BAM ! Flume hits hard with the official video of Holdin’ On. This guy is a super star.

 Rediscover his album: 
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Scheinizzl - One more (salzach version)

Hailing from Salzbourg in Austria,Scheinizzl is a 25 year-old producer whose new track we wanted to share with you.
Scheinizzl discovered music at a very young age. While we were all playing ball or jumping rope, he was already composing music on the guitar and the piano. He then discovered hip-hop when he was 17 and started making beats on Reason. And with time, the rhythm of his tracks got faster and he started creating electro-ambiances for his productions in order to make his tracks more appropriate for the dancefloor. Because more than just bouncing to the sound of the low bass, he wants to make us dance to the beautiful melodies of his tracks.
And we delightfully dance on these deep and groovy tracks inhabitated by nicely selected vocals.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Darius & Le Crayon - Alicia

This new musical week could not start better than with a great collaboration between two rising French artists: Darius and Le Crayon.
If you are still wondering who is Le Crayon, know that he is a young Parisian artist who is gradually starting to appear as one of the key figures of the genre.
That explains why Kitsuné released his last EP or why Alex Braxe (a figure of French Touch) asked him to produce an official remix.
Now, it is with Darius (one half of the great duo Cherokee) that he collaborates to deliver this awesome track, Alicia.
This gem transports the vocal emotion of Alicia Keys into a completely different genre; a fresher and lighter genre. And it works. It contrasts and works really well thanks to groovy piano chords that nicely rise the intensity, and airy percussions. And if the bass line delay its arrival, it brings the right dose of funk to this chill and almost tropical ambiance.
Free Download | Alicia
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Kat Frankie - People ( Daniele Di Martino Remix)

Auditory beauty is what we are offering to your ears today on Absolute Bassline with Daniele Di Martino’s remix of People by Kat Frankie.
As it name does not imply, Daniele Di Martino is a German producer that I offer you to discover through the beauty of this minimal remix.
By choosing the beautiful vocals of Kat Frankie and her nostalgic piano chords, Daniele Di Martino could not go wrong. Keeping the raw emotion of her outstanding voice was the challenge. And Di Martino met the challenge by envoloping the simplicity of the original track with a nostalgic and poignant atmosphere thanks to an airy and minimal percussion work. 
You will then have the pleasure to find a free download link of this track before letting yourself go on the beauty of this sweet emotional ambiance. 
Free DL | People
Daniele di Martino|Facebook|Soundlcoud
Similar tracks
Stereoclip - Tramway |
Felkon - Lovesong |

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Amerie - One thing (Jetlag Remix)

Nothing can stop them. In one month, the duo Jetlag already released two beautiful deep house gems and tonight, Absolute Bassline offers you to discover the third one. Don’t forget to plug in the soundsystem first !
After remixing one of diva Whitney Houston’s tune and a classic by TFF, they decided to share their take on the R’n’B track One Thing by Amerie. Once again, the track shows a brilliant mix between bouncy house and delicious subtlety. The instrumental gradually gains in intensity until the big climax.
No doubt that you’ll hear from Jetlag a lot in 2013. Hopefully you’ll hear their tunes spinning in the clubs too.
Free DL link|One Thing
Support Jetlag|Soundcloud|Facebook|
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Shook - Tonight

Turn up the volume, it’s getting seriously groovy here. Shook is back with a last single before the release of his album. And if it’s as good and funky as this track then we’ll groove for sure.
After releasing several smoother tracks and remixes, Shook decided to strike hard with his new tune Tonight. This banger is a real energizing cocktail of funky guitar sequences mixed with disco violins, a strong bass line and of course vocals that went through a Vocoder.
Shook lost nothing of his genius groove and I am sure his album is with no doubt a concentrate of funk and groove that is only waiting to be released. Until then, this awesome tune is the perfect distraction !

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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Tribe Called Quest - Once Again (BitFunk remix)

Today’s remix should be named “How to refresh a classic hip-hop tune”: American producer Bit Funk chose to remix 1ce Again, a hip hop track by mythic band A tribe Called Quest. And it’s a clear success.
What a delight to rediscover a real old school hip-hop tune through a brilliant remix by Bit Funk ! The power of the lyrics is still there. The power of the beat is still as strong, even with the piano chords and other arrangements that Bit Funk added. His great melodic sense enabled him to bring a new frehsness to this classic and still keep what made A Tribe Called Quest’s production so great.
 And in order to extend the pleasure, let’s have a listen to the original track: A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again.
Free DL link|1nce Again remix
Bit Funk|Facebook|Soundcloud|
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Friday, March 8, 2013

Alan Braxe - Time Machine (remixes)


This post is about reknown French Touch artist Alan Braxe's track Time Machine (from his new EP Moments in Time) which was remixed by five different artists, among them Le CrayonChateaubriand and DJ Falcon (who is no other than Alan Braxe's cousin).

The three artists revised Time Machine according to their respective aesthetics. Le Crayon gave the tune the disco treatment; Chateaubriand gave it some lightness; and  DJ Falcon  added a nice dose of chill to it. Three different styles but all great to the ear and representative of some of the genres we like to promote on Absolute Bassline.

With Le Crayon's remix, the Time Machine brings us back to 1984 with the funky bass line, and the nice disco arrangements.

Chateaubriand's Time Machine takes us on a cosmic journey through space and time. It sounds fresh and chill just like we enjoy it.

As regards DJ Falcon's remix, it takes us into a chill wave with a slow rhythm on which flies the singer's voice and whispers.

These remixes are three gems that reflects the wealth of the French Touch. Enjoy !

Le Crayon | Facebook | Soundcloud
Chateaubriand | Facebook | Soundcloud
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Friday, February 8, 2013

Royal Cheese

Do you know how we call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France ?Today Absolute Bassline introduces you to some groove made in France with one of these defying-genre bands: Royal Cheese.

The band is composed of 5 members, one of which might be familiar since I have featured several of his groovy mixtapes on Absolute Bassline. I am talking about french producer Le Croquant. Royal Cheese’s noble ambition is the following: combining a funky instrumental to an electro-house ambiance. And the result is quite impressive. The electro ambiance brings lightness to the funky guitar solos, the groovy bass lines and the samples of famous soul voices. It also helps making the tracks more dancey of course. And their first clip is definitely as funky as their music !

Royal Cheese|Facebook|Youtube
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Michael Lovisa, Upstairs in the Basement

Absolute Bassline is thrilled to introduce you to artist Michael Lovisa, this week’s great discovery. His track Upstairs in the Basement was recently introduced by no other than DJ Shadow in an interview on BBC Radio 6 Music. If that isn’t an indication of high-quality chill, then I don’t know what is !
Michael Lovisa is a 25 year-old producer hailing from Italy. He has already seduced many ears thanks to his intimistic atmospheres mixing accoustic instrument and electronic sounds.
Upstairs in the Basement is a single from his EP Empty released by Digital Lab Records. In this track, a sweet guitar tells a beautiful story in an ambiance madee sad and nostalgic by the slow rhythm of drums. 
Combined to a magnifiscent video, this track becomes an even more powerful emotional piece. 

Buy his EP on Beatport|Empty
Michael Lovisa|Soundcloud|Facebook
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Friday, January 11, 2013

8 artists you might want to follow in 2013

It is Absolute Bassline's pleasure to offer you a selection of artists that will probably make of 2013 a new piece of musical heaven. 
Happy New Year, may it be full oheavenly musical discoveries.

  1. Frenck Kiwi Juice: One month was all it took to French DJ FKJ to win our hearts and ears. We had been seduced by the groovy bass lines and the funky rhythms of his first EP (out on the excellent Roche Musique label). And then he droped Lying Together. A precious gem like pulled out of nowhere. A languorous rhythm, one sexy voice sample and a great bass line put everyone in agreement. After such a tune, we can only expect more wonders from him.
  2. Kadugodi: He has been featured on this blog numerous times and for a good reason. Indeed, I consider him as one of the pillars of this little piece of musical heaven that I've created. Each and everyone of his tracks is a beautiful ode to chillness. But what could we expect from a guy who's nickname means "temple in a forest" ? Anyway, I can assure you that he will take care of more than one of your Lazy Sunday lounging of 2013.

  3. αtμ: He knows oh so well how to capture and mix the best of the soul vibe and the bass elements. Each of his song is a concentrate of sweetness ready to make love to your ear at every sound. And if he hasn't seduced you and your eardrum yet, wait until you've visited his entire soundcloud and heard what he has to offer for this new year.

  4. Mrs dada:  The french duo recently invited us to surf on their wave of chill and subtle electro. We discovered a captivating world in the clean productions that are perfect ear teasers. And since it's only their debut, 2013 will definitely be a great year for them. 

  5. Jetlag:  Nothing can stop them now. In one month, they've already released three deep house bangers that were featured on every music blog. Bubbly house and high-quality production explains it all. No doubt that we'll hear from the duo Jetlag again in 2013, but more importantly I hope that we'll start hearing them in the clubs now.

  6. It is now Absolute Bassline's turn to offer you a selection of artists that will probably make of 2013 a new piece of musical heaven.
  7. Felkon: To speak the truth I don't think he is really preparing something big for 2013. Doesn't matter. Quality over quantity, like always on Absolute Bassline. And the soundcloud of the german DJ is the proof of it. Especially with the minimal beauty Lovesong he released last June. If he continues on his chosen path, it'll be more than enough.

  8. Korgbrain: With his label La Fille de L'Air , he is one of the ambassador of UK Bass in France. His taste will probably help the genre here as he is finishing up an EP that should be released soon. More surprises to come on his label too.

  9. Inc. : They are preparing an album that will be out on February 19th. Before forming Inc., Andrew and Daniel Aged were already renowned artists used to record and tour with singers like Pharell Williams, 50 cent, or Elthon John.  Their upcoming album, no world, will probably be a personal masterpiece. By combining soul and R’n’B and then refining it all as much as possible, they obtained a clean and minimalist style that sounds very smooth and intimistic. Daniel’s sweet and beautiful bass guitar quietly rolls and wanders throughout the tracks while Andrew’s poignant voice fills in the chill and subtle atmosphere of each track to an R’n’B beat. 
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Eli Colburn - Mothership connection

Time for your weekly dose of auditory pleasure. Today Absolute Bassline offers you to have a listen to Mothership Connection by Eli Colburn a deliciously smooth and groovy track.

Hailing from South Carolina, this 21 year-old producer has a real gift for producing serious groovy tunes. The perfect example is Mothership Connection. From the very first seconds, the track displays its delicious and sensual atmosphere.Accompanied by sweet humming voices, a smooth bass line comes flirting with your ears, languorously rolling in the deep ambiance. Finally, the whole song is sublimated by the wanders of a steel drum. A real delight. 
And to extend this moment of auditory pleasure, you can visit Eli’s soundcloud and download this track for free. 

 Free DL link|Mothership Connection 
 Find Eli Colburn|Facebook|Soundcloud|
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Friday, December 7, 2012

LUUUL, chillwave paradise

Chillwave paradise: that is where Absolute Bassline takes tou today. Your airline is Le Klub France and your captain's name is LUUUL.

If LUUUL (with three "u") describes himself as "a man in a love story who's just playing with Pro Logic 9", his world is actually way deeper than that. It's a sweet and ethereal world, where synth chords with a retro vibe flows to the rhythm of a languorous beat. It's also poetic and dreamy because it's always sublimated by intriguing sounds: the delicious ebb and flow of the sea for instance, or even the sound of airplanes taking off. Enough to have us dream about escaping.

The perfect example of this beautiful world is Le Paysage, La Musique et Toi (The Landscape, Music And You). A track of a rare beauty. A gem. The atmosphere of this track is so warm and enjoyable that you can almost feel the sunrays on your skin. The rhythm is so powerful and heady, the sound of the waves so good that you can almost see the horizon and the sea looming in front of you.

Océane is another beautiful track from LUUUL that sounds like it's coming from the 80's because of the retro feel of the synth. Its powerful beat makes us nostalgic for summer.

Finally there is Airlines, a surprisingly dreamy track. Once again it sounds sweet and light but this time, what give the track its super chill side are airplane sounds (the same that we usually hate and complain about). Here they are so beautifully arranged that they are one more contribution to the escapist and chill ambiance of the track. 
And to share with us his dreamy world a little more, LUUUL accepted to answer a few questions. He also prepared an exclusive mix for us. Follow the link

Support LUUUL|Facebook|Soundcloud
Find Le Klub France|Facebook|Souncloud|
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Friday, October 26, 2012

♥(V) by αtμ (Atu)

Perfect for a lounging session, Absolute Bassline offers you an entire EP that definitely captured and mixed the best of the soul vibe and the bass elements: ♥(V) by αtμ (Atu).

   Just like The Weekndαtμ is another "genre-defying" artist who finds inspiration in different styles of music. That is actually what makes him so interesting and his work so unexpected and great. His EP gradually transitions from an R&B vibe to a delicious soul feel.

The first track, 'Promise_Ya', gently eases us in αtμ's world by creating a deeply emotional atmosphere intensified by the regular percussion work. The rhythm is so smooth and languourus that it speaks to the soul. However musically speaking, the soul vibe aren't present yet. The repetition of the vocal sample makes the track almost haunting with the moaning voices that come at the end of the track. We know that we're going down into the artist's world and that it won't let us indifferent.

   The next track, 'Soul_Child', keeps that languourously slow rhythm but sublimes it with beautiful soul vocals and a pounding bass sounding just like an excited heartbeat. Definitely captivating.
With its intricate percussion work 'The Fall' is a short delight for the ears and the soul. Despite the pounding rhythm, the delicacy and subtlety of this track is amazing. It is separated from the last track of the EP by a quick interlude, 'Morning'.
The last track of the EP, 'Silly Games' definitely appears as the climax of αtμ's work featuring the perfect mix of R&B, soul and bass elements creating a deep and soulful track. We can only deplore the fact that it is way too short for such a beauty.

   Hopefully this review and this first track aroused your curiosity and you'll be eager to download this EP for free here: ♥(v)αtμ's Soundcloud also full of little gem of the same quality. I would suggest you pay it a visit and show some support because we'll definitely hear from him again.

Find αtμ|Soundcloud|Tumblr|Twitter|
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Absolute Playlist IX

After such a long musical pause on Incognito, 
you will enjoy a little playlist, won't you ?

This friday, Absolute Bassline offers you to flirt with the Absolute Playlist IX, a fine selection of delightful tracks. And today's playlist mostly features nu-disco tracks for a moment of musical cruising. Enjoy !

If this playlist, aroused your musical curiosity, feel free to visit 
Absolute Bassline's tumblr, join me on Facebook and Twitter.

And for your ears' sake, vote for Absolute Bassline, competing in the Golden Blog Awards (music category). Your ears will thank you and so will I. 
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Time to dance in the summer heat !

If this hot and sunny weather also makes you feel like listening to funky bouncy vibes, if the summer heat is also killing you, Absolute Bassline got the tracks you need.
Turn up the volume and cool down to these chill funky tunes.


  The first track is an absolute banger from Parisian DJ Baptiste MolliconeWith such a name, he could only be a mafioso or an artist. Let’s be glad he chose to be the latter because he has produced a certain number of little gems like this remix of Fergie’s tube Glamorous. The sexy vocals are the same only this time Baptiste added an absolutely delightful bass line and funky arrangements. His inspiration (Justice and Daft Punk for instance) is clearly audible, but hey, French Touch oblige ! Plus it works really well and it’s definetely to be tagged as #summer jam. You can find this track in free dowload on Baptiste Mollicone’s soundcloud.

Photo : Very soon. <3

   The second track is a special treat from Shook: a delicious summer track that he produced in collaboration with American singer Pumashock and song writer Billy D. Drinz.
It is amazing to see (and hear) with which consistency Shook produces high-quality tunes. The ingridents vary from song to song but the result is always the same: a brilliant track with a funky rhythm and a sophisticated melody. 

   Here the instrumental is deliciously playful and works really well with Pumashock’s sexy voice and the carefree lyrics written by Billy D. Dinz. And the icing on the cake is the beautiful keyboard solo at the end that Shook knows oh so well how to do. And if you’re now dancing in the summer heat, support Shook by buying this single on his bandcamp. It’s only 1$20 and he surely deserves it !

Find Baptiste|Souncloud|Website|
Find Shook   |Soundcloud|Facebook|Bandcamp|

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The XX - Angels

I have been an ABSOLUTE FAN of the band The XX since their very debut. More than just music, they represent an aesthetic: minimalism. They are their music and their music is them, and it's brilliantly simple yet powerful.  

It has been three years since they made their remarkable debut with an eponymous album. 3 years. A long time passed since they had played us something new, indeed. But finally, The XX are back with the first single of their upcoming album Coexist.

  With Angels, The XX disclosed a first single that stays true to their aesthetics. This track is a minimal beauty to be listened to during the night time, cleared from any unecessary sound. Right from the intro, my heart skipped a beat on hearing the sweet crystal-clear and voluptuous guitar so characteristic of them. It sets this perfect intimate atmosphere as if Romy, Oliver and Jamie were pouring their hearts and teardrops into their work right in front of us. For us. 
  The vocals are absolutely poignant and perfectly interprete the touching lyrics. Once again it’s about these in-between moments that mean a lot, these unspoken words and silences that say so much, these shadows that reflect the infinity. All these little things that The XX know so well how to crystalise. The drums only come at the end, sounding like heartbeats as a testament of the love mentionned by the lyrics.
  f Angels is just the intro of Coexist, it works just like a teaser introducing all the basic elements creating the magic and this album is definitely going to be a masterpiece. 

Coexist - Tracklist 
01. Angels 
02. Chained 
03. Fiction 
04. Try 
05. Reunion 
06. Sunset 
07. Missing 
08. Tides 
09. Unfold 
10. Swept Away 
11. Our Song 

Release date: September 10th (11th in the US). 

Absolute B.
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Absolute Mix I + Interview - Sir Deckster

It's Bassline Friday on Incognito and for today we asked music producer Sir Deckster a few questions and as a bonus he prepared a short mixtape for us. 

SIR DECKSTER - Interview (fragments of)

Artist: Sir Deckster (Miguel Fernandez, Age 22)
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Contact: Facebook|Soundcloud|Wordpress|


A mix is generally the expression of an artist’s roots and musical world. Here Sir Deckster created a mix representative of his hip-hop influences and permeated with this airy atmosphere very characteristic of his own work.

On himself : « When I was 20, I went on the Erasmus program (*European student exchange program). I was in a little Spanish town called Aranjuez. Living in a little town with a quiet night life made me want to start experimenting on beats and stuff. I spent many hours producing, mainly at night (when I wasn’t in Madrid partying). And now I’m still producing. I try to make it better every time. »
On his singing: « I have this side project with a girl I met in Madrid. Her name is Marie Papillon aka Mari Posa. We both sing on the tracks. I mainly produce them and she sings on it with me […] So it’s my voice you can hear on Rewind Me Up for instance, but I think it’s pretty subtle. I wanted to emphasise on her voice more than mine on that track. »

On the Belgium garage scene: « Brussels is not ready for that scene yet. I’d say Belgium is lagging 3 to 4 years behind Berlin and London. No Belgian Dislosure or Bondax yet to be seen. There is hope though. Last year 22Tracks got launched. It’s a Belgian collective active in the scene I just described. They support artists from the homelands. And that’s really cool. […] I hope it’s just a matter of time. In a few months, years we’ll hear Disclosure’s latest track when we’ll be queueing in front of the coolest club in town. Pretty sure cause that’s what I’ll be mixing ! »
On his production methodology: «Everytime I try to produce a bouncy track, it always (in some weird way) ends up being really chill. Usually I start with the beat. I put a lot of time in finding the right sounds. Then I try to find a plug in I like for the melody. And then it’s hours and hours of playing with the knobs, haha. »

Find the entire interview on
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Absolute B. 
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sir Deckster

On Friday on Incognito, it's all about the bassline. Today, meet Sir Deckster, a passionate artist from Belgium whose work you'll definitely appreciate by its depth.

   I discovered Miguel Fernandez, aka Sir Deckster, a couple of weeks ago with his two songs “Shut Her Down” and “Rewind Me Up”. He is a very promising young music producer from Belgium, and has already been described as one of the most exciting soundcloud producers on sondcloud by well-known artists in the community (like Polkadot and Capeface)
  The originality of Sir Deckster’s work lies in his ability to create profound atmospheres highly charged with emotion thanks to synth notes and smooth percussion rhythms. What also makes his work unusual is his choice in vocals. He mostly works with singers which enables him to bring a true personal touch to his work, but even when he samples songs they bring true personality to his work, like in Shut Her Down.

   My favorite song of his is probably Shut Her Down, a very chill and deep track with a great emotive charge that you’ll end up getting lost into. As a matter of fact the song starts with the sound of the ebb and flow of the sea, symbol of well-balance but also immutability as well as cosmic force. Because this song is definitely cosmic.

   This week, he released a remix of Where Do You Belong by the Digits. The vocals of the original song are beautifully used: paired up with the synth, they make the song sound airy, fluid and effortless. Only the complex percussion arrangement comes to beautifully discurb the peacefulness of this track.

Sir Deckster will release an EP in September and he agreed to share it first 
on Absolute Bassline. Watch out for him !

Absolute B.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Amulette Magique EP - Keadz

On Friday on Incognito, it's all about the bassline. Today, Absolute B. takes you to Egypt for an arabian night with the Amulette Magique EP by Keadz.

   Cairo, Egypt by night. A small breeze caresses the sand dunes and the air is just starting to cool down. The remnants of pyramids and other edifices stand out on the clear sky in an amzing contrast of shade and light. Impossible not to have in mind the local magical stories like Aladdin or The 1001 tales of the arabian night. This is precisely the atmosphere of Keadz's EP. It tells the story of a quest to find a lost amulet and it gives to hear this magical atmosphere.

   The percussions can definitely remind us of the Orient, but more than that, this EP is a true amulet, something, rhythms and melodies, that you keep with you, in your head, because it's powerful. It speaks to the ear, to the mind and to the soul. With such an inspiration, the EP could only be coherent and consistent. There is a great variety in rhythms and dynamics for only 5 tracks. Or Jaune(Gold) is the perfect example for these variations that totally capture the listener’s attention. But really the entire EP is worth listening and listening again. Also, the choices of vocals are pure genius. They sampled very well-known song: The Rhythm of the Night; Breathe by Sean Paul ft. Blu Cantrell; yet they are hardly recognizable because so well-arranged. Only an evanescent sense of the original  songs remains, and that’s how it’s genius. 

If you’re a woman, you’re wearing a black one shoulder top in a black sheer maxi skirt, platform shoes. As accessories, you’re wearing a golden pair of cuffs and a golden collar necklace.
If you’re a guy, you’re wearing a linen white shirt on white shorts and leather men sandals. You’re also wearing a golden bracelet.

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Absolute B.
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